Gangs are important because they are damaging Oakland culture in a negative way to where people think Oakland is dangerous. The reason why gangs are important to focus on is because Gangs can be organized based on race, ethnicity, territory, or money-making activities. Also, gangs are people who claim their territory and use it to make money through illegal activities such as emotional, physical, mentally gang violence. This blog will teach you more about what are gangs like in Oakland, why they are bad, positive, and what they are.

To begin, the original definition of a Gang is “Gangs is an organized group of criminals.” It could also be described in other ways like, dangerous, crazy, territorial, destructive, and self-absorbed. These words are expressed by anger and disappointment. This shows that people have strong feelings towards gangs. Additionally, Some people feel that gangs should not exist and are bad. The main reason for this is revent. In fact, The People who disagree with gangs describe them as bad because they don’t agree with the gang’s members’ decisions. For example, a Gang decision is when Gangs try to get “Revenge” on another Gang; it’s most likely caused by a fight or something that they didn’t like. In article “ Its All about Revenge” by Loren Christensen it pointed out, “ The fact that the rival gang struck out at him cannot be ignored. He has to return, but next time it will be with help and a collective objective – revenge. There must be payback; it’s the one thing all gangs agree upon.” This connects to people who are anti-gangs because this is an example that gangs choose to do when they want to get revenge. This quote is significant because it states that gangs fight for things that they really care about. This is important because these groups are midway between criminal groups and community groups: they try to gain control of a territory to oversee all criminal activities in that area and/or to ‘protect’ the people living there.

A second reason why gangs can be bad for Oakland is because they cause death and incarceration. Gang Violence has affected the community in Oakland , California. For example, Deborah Navarro who has lived in Oakland, Ca for 50 years explained how gang violence did affect her life. She says “Well it has since I’ve known people who been in a gang and died from it and been incarcerated”. This connects to the topic because gang violence has proven that it affects people’s relationships to people they knew who have been in a gang. This is important because people who are affected by gang violence may not take it well since it is a big issue. Some may argue that some people understand and see a purpose for gangs such as for protection. But, it can still damage the community because of the violence. In conclusion, Gangs are important to talk about and know about because they are damaging Oakland culture in a negative way to where people think Oakland is dangerous.

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  1. Stephanie 3 years ago

    Dear Talyssa,
    I find your post very interesting because you talk about something that really matters within people’s lives and communities. Everyone has their different opinions about them. But, like you said people don’t realize how much gangs affect a person’s life. In your post you mention how gangs can seek revenge on each other. People don’t agree with the gang member’s decisions. This causes fighting and violence to happen. Some people believe that gang members fight for what they care about. There in between criminal groups and community groups. Even though this is a good reason it often leads to death and incarceration. You have some good points about gangs. I hope to read more about them and how they much of an impact they have in our lives.

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