For my research project I decided to do it about brands. It has come to my attention that most people will buy an item, regardless of the price, simply because of the brand. Since so many people will spend whatever for a brand, reselling brands has become very popular. In fact, some people make a living off of it. I have taken notice in this particularly in the company Supreme. A skateboard and clothing company based in New York City. Supreme has captured the audience of the youth, this is most likely because it is highly advertised by young artists that attract the youth. The clothing company is already expensive, selling items for prices ranging from 30-200 dollars on their website. However, these items are limited and seemed to sell out within seconds. Why? because resellers quickly buy items. These resellers then overprice the item to make a profit. Throughout my paper I will find out why resellers have so much success. Why is someone willing to pay $175 for a t-shirt? Hopefully, by the end of the project I will know the answer.

One of the most recent articles I have found is a short article about why people seem to be addicted to brands. Obviously, this is a personal issue. It’s almost as if people are using brands to fill some personal need. Wearing a popular brand makes you feel comfortable and happy with yourself. It is like any other addiction, once you start you cannot stop. “These creature comforts are now wrapped into our identity and self-worth – they are bonds that are hard to break, even if that means spending more than you can afford.” (Michael Margolis).  When it comes to reselling supreme, it is a whole different story. People are literally making a living off of reselling supreme. Resellers stand in front of the store and wait for items to drop. The brand has become so powerful that people will buy anything with the name on it, even crowbars. Due to the popularity of reselling Supreme has set limits as to how much a person can buy at the store and yet resellers still find ways around it.  The fact that people are able to make so much money off of reselling creates a whole new world for buying clothes. This all starts because of peoples addiction to brands, and their need for Supreme.



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  1. Ononto 10 months ago

    TWC is killing pigeons. They be thinkin they reflection be someone else. check dat out.
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    Do it

  2. Yo 3 years ago

    “It has come to my attention that most people will buy an item,”

    Would be nice if there were numbers instead opinions

  3. Mason 3 years ago

    This is a really cool topic. I think that people dwell of brands and they use it as a way to show status and as a way to gain social altitude. There are so many things in this world that are super expensive and pretty pointless, but due to a certain name or connotation, people will spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on these items.

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