Ethanol fuel has been a growing debate in the United States. Many people think we as a nation should be moving towards cleaner fuels that are more natural and less a part of fossil fuels. The problem arises at the fact that for many years the main fuel we use comes from oil products, fossil fuels. By changing the makeup of our gasoline to add up to ten percent ethanol change may be happening too fast without proper research supporting it.


Ethanol has both pros and cons. According to Occupy Theory producing ethanol leaves a smaller carbon footprint than producing products such as oil and coal however the addition of ethanol to fuel is causing mileage to go down and prices to go up. Ethanol fuel does not produce as much energy as regular fuel does and there’s not only have gas prices slowly risen because of it the consumer also has to buy gas more often.


Green Car Reports also agrees that the fuel efficiency is 25 -30% less, but also states that with more research and work on vehicle design this could change. The big thing that cannot be overlooked is how many potential jobs the ethanol industry can create. It’s a quick growing industry and the need for more production plants is great.


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  1. Mason 3 years ago

    This is an awesome post! If you are interested in learning more about this, I highly recommend the film ‘Pump’ which is a documentary that looks into Ethanol and cleaner fuel options. It is such an interesting debate and the science behind it is really cool. I believe just like you that America needs to shift to cleaner fuel sources. Brazil is a country that has gone entirely Ethanol based and used agriculture, that would otherwise be wasted to make the fuel.

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