Posted by Ellisandra on February 2, 2017

What does it mean to be disabled?

The subject I am focusing on for my Curious Researcher project is disability. I’ve been looking at how the disabled are treated and viewed upon. I’ve been researching what exactly is means to be disabled. I also have been looking at their success rate, by that I mean how many people whom are disabled are given the resources to be Successful.
I found that there are levels of dibalilities. For example there are (upper and lower) body disabilities classifications. Another classification of disabilities is head injuries. These are just some of the classifications. I have found that as time goes on, the better the disabled are treated. John F. Kennedy worked on support of the autistic and supported the scientific research on autism and the causes. I have also found that the success rate depends on the level of severity of the disability but there are lots of researches and medical advances for the disabled. How do you treat the disabled?