Author: Samantha

Water for the World

Water poverty is a major problem in our world today. There are many countries that suffer from water scarcity.

One that stands out the most is India. India’s growing population has put a big toll on their natural resources. The water is contaminated by sewage and agricultural runoffs.

The country has made some improvements to the availability and quantity of water there are still rural places in India that are going without water. Along with the fact that they don’t have access to enough water, the water they have access to is contaminated which is the cause for 21% of the country’s water-related diseases.

In the bigger towns located in India they have access to water, but in the rural parts of the country, they don’t have as much. This causes the people to dig wells for groundwater which also depletes the water quantity.

The overall message is that India is running out of water availability in their country.

Our society needs to but an end to this environmental injustice and help India regain their water supply to help the growing population in years to come.