Author: Mason

“The Best (and Most Expensive) Snow on Earth”

Live and growing up in Utah my entire life, I have been infected with “ski bum syndrome”. This is an extremely infection disease which is not curable and easily transmitted. Utah is home to several of the worlds best ski resort, including Park City Ski Resort which hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics, and Deer Valley Ski Resort which is a famous base for celebrities from all around the world to show off their skills. With Utah residents loving the ski resorts, one thing is really pushing lifetime customers away, and that is simply the price of skiing.

Skiing has always been an extremely expensive activity, with the gear and the lift passes of the day, but not it is reaching almost complete ludicrous. Now, the average price for a day pass at a ski resort in Utah is 100 dollars per person. On top of that, skies now cost nearly 1000 dollars brand new and that is without all the gear that is required to avoid hyperthermia.

Skiing is awesome, but is really becoming a sport and activity for only the rich and the famous. It is unfortunate, and I am not sure what the reason for sky rocketing prices is, but it is driving many skiers away, and over time, I think it will begin to hurt Utah economy.