The topic of my research is ADHD medication and is it being overprescribed in today’s youth. For research on my topic I have been reading many articles and medical journals expanding my knowledge on ADHD, alternative treatments, and long-term effects of medication. While reading on my topic, I have learned more and more, evolving my thinking over time. I am still looking into the long-term effects of medication though, but I am reaching some breakthroughs. To get a first-hand look at how much this is actually relatable to the environment around me, I am looking into creating a survey for high schoolers in my area. In this survey I’ll ask questions relating to ADHD, and if they have every abused or given away their medication. The information from my survey will be applied to my paper as evidence for my claims, but I worry that everyone will not answer truthfully.

I’ve read information from both sides that disagree and agree with the use of ADHD medication. Before beginning my research, I believed that medication wasn’t necessary for these people with ADHD. I only thought so because most of the medications prescribed are stimulants, which means that it’s possible to develop addictions. However, I learned that there are some cases where there is no other option through the reading of case studies. In these case studies, the patients were children with extreme symptoms of ADHD who absolutely could not control themselves in normal classroom environments. If you are interested in reading a case study, there are some interesting ones at the link. Medication was the only treatment possible. I do also think that it would help patients who must take medication, take it along with alternative treatments that don’t require drugs. That way, the patient doesn’t build a drug tolerance as fast and they aren’t relying on it completely either.

In conclusion, my research has influenced and changed my initial beliefs in many ways. I used to want medication to be completely abolished, but now there is proof that it can be beneficial. As of now medication is used as a first-line treatment method for anyone diagnosed with this disorder even though there are many other treatments. I plan on looking into why medication is used first, other than the reason that it works best. I feel that medication should be used as a last resort treatment, but if medication really is necessary for everyone, my research has not shown me that yet.


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  1. Emily 3 years ago

    Hi Talmadge,

    I have suffered from ADD since I was a kid. I had struggled for a very long time but it was overlooked because I was not hyperactive. There are many kids who can “control themselves” but still struggle with concentrating, staying focused on a task, and getting things done. I now currently take a stimulant and it helps me everyday more than you can imagine. School has become much easier for me and tasks don’t take nearly as long as they did. I would try talking to more people who experience what its like to have ADD or ADHD to further your research.


  2. Anna 3 years ago

    Talmadge, this is a well written analysis of your research and I can tell you are looking at the subject matter extensively. Just from a personal standpoint, my brother has a mind case of ADHD and he takes medication, a low dosage. His grades have gone up but obviously there’s no way to prove there’s a direct correlation. Maybe in the future of your paper, try to understand why parents put their children on the medication in the first place. I think that could make your case stronger because you are coming from both sides. Otherwise keep up the good work!

  3. Seth 3 years ago

    When continuing your research on ADHD medication I think it may be beneficial and interesting to look into the abuse of medication like Adderall by people without the disease it is meant to treat. When it comes to the benefits of the drugs for people with ADHD I think that Doctors probably know best, however the issue of addiction is also something worth looking into. Hopefully you make another post about this issue because I find it very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Raghu 3 years ago

    Hey Talmadge

    I think that this is a great start to what you are about to do. I love the idea of using both sides of the arguments about ADHD in your essay. I have heard a collection of stories about people using the disorder to make money. I think that you should have a personal opinion about people that have had the disorder and what their choices have been regard to taking the pill or just letting it go. I think that you should use what kind of effect it has on the body and the mind and what its long term effects it has.

  5. Melaina 3 years ago

    Talmadge, I agree with you I think it was important that you researched both sides of this argument in order to form an opinion. A lot of medicine is over prescribed and many people who really don’t need it or fake it receive the medicine. Which isn’t fair to the people who really need it. The medicine can become an addiction like you said and has many other side effects such as depression with can create a whole new set of issues. Once a patient becomes dependent on it there’s an issue. I think more researched should be done on the benefits of the pills like you said, to weigh all the options and what medicine will effect the patient and how.

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