I am doing a research paper on the dangers of playing football. Concussions have been a big problem recently for all levels of football.I personally do not think that football isn’t as dangerous as people say and think. I first started to research concussions in football and statistics related to that.  Then I started to look at how concussions affect players lives what they think about them and the possibility of having Chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE is a topic I am still researching about because there is a lot of information about it.  It was split down the middle of what players thought about the dangers of hits to the head because their is no confirmed link yet. Jordan Reed from the Washington Redskins said “But just because you have a few concussions, doesn’t mean it’s going to cause brain damage(Reed qtd in Marcur).” It was interesting to see how the concussions have affected him but he wants to keep playing to give his daughter and mom a better future. Reed also talked about his friend that he grew up with and who was going to go to the NFL with him but his career was cut short by concussions. I also have some prior knowledge of some safer equipment that companies are manufacturing and testing to help make the game safer. USA Football developed a program that  is also trying to make the game safer by teaching new tackling and hitting techniques to coaches and players to get rid of concussions in the lower levels of football.

After reading many different articles, the information makes it seem like there are a lot of injuries but compared to the amount of people that play it is not a super high percentage. After reading and researching I have thought about how to make the game safer and how to penalize a player that purposely leads with their head. I have also just been researching  the dangers of football and I have not yet thought of all the benefits associated with playing football. It is interesting when I read a new article and I see a new idea I have never thought about and I try to see if and how I could work it into my paper. All of this research has helped me further my thinking about this topic and how I can expand upon it in my paper.


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  1. Blake Dean 3 years ago

    I am hoping you will use your own football experiences to show that football is not as dangerous as many people think and that people are continuously trying to make football more safe.

  2. Maddie 3 years ago

    This is a great post and very interesting. I like that you talk about how to make the sport safer, not just not playing the sport. I do think it is important to know the dangers of playing the sport, but it is also important to also know how to stay safe.

  3. Samuel 3 years ago

    You are exactly right, for it being such a hard hitting contact sport there really are not that many injuries compared to the ratio of other sports because of he large number of football players. These diseases that football players develop, mainly NFL players, is not just because of concussions. It is due to the fact that these players did not have a concussion protocol back then or knew how to cheat through the test. Therefore, they would keep playing with a concussion and take more hits to the head. You also have to consider the number of concussions that have gone undocumented. These new rules the NFL and USA football has placed are to make sure no one does keep playing with a concussion. Yet, they are apart of the game, and is very hard to get rid of concussions with how big players are becoming and fast too.

  4. Daniela 3 years ago

    I thought it was really interesting what your stance on concussions is. I don’t know much about football, but one thing that I have always heard about it is how football is a dangerous sport and then leave a negative consequence on the football player. I think your topic is very important and interesting for others to read about. It would be cool if you could find information based on psychologist and neurosurgeons and what they think about and there perspective.

  5. Lena 3 years ago

    Dear Tino,
    Do you believe that concussions are something that players can play through? I am glad that USA Football is trying to change how kids tackle to avoid concussions. Any injury to the brain is scary and I hope that they can change the tackling standards not just in kids football but also college and professional football.

  6. Stephanie 3 years ago

    Dear Tino,
    I was very interested in the way you talked about your view on the dangers of football. Like you mentioned in your post, there is a lot of people thinking that football is a dangerous sport. I don’t know a whole lot about football but your post helped me realize what football players go through when they play out in the field. Even though there’s a lot of cons about football, it’s interesting to know that people are trying to make the game safer. Hopefully as you do more research you’ll be able to give us more information on your post.

  7. Jean-Jules 3 years ago

    I was really interested about this essay because I have always been told that football is dangerous to play. I really don’t like the sport myself but reading this has shed some light on the danger of the sport and how it has affected the players. I think that it was quite interesting how Reed stated that he does not care about the concussions as much and wants to keep playing for his family, and also how he mentioned that concussions ruined his best friends career as well. It would be quite interesting to see more player’s perspectives on concussions and it would also be quite interesting to get a final say on how dangerous the sport really is or isn’t.

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