Author: Mason

Make America Greater

With the election now over and the Americans done with the election of 2016, many now look towards President-elect Donald Trump with both hope and anger. 

Despite Donald Trump’s rapid rise to the top with the Republican people of America, there is much hate in the country towards the new president and many people asking why the country has resorted in this. 

I believe that despite your personal views, we need to now support the President as our president. Nothing now will change his election into office and we as Americans need to understand that. We the people are the ones you got him elected into office and the election system in the United States is an extremely fair one. Now, we need to support him and guide him in allowing this country to remain the best country in the world.

I don’t think the motto should be Make America Great Again, it should be Make America Greater and by supporting the government officials and President Trump, that will happen naturally.