Black Friday. The official start to the frantic shopping for the holiday season with the best deals, sales, and prices on items. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, Black Friday is a day aimed towards everyone. It is a day specifically for shopping one’s heart out and a shopping galore. However, as fantastic as the day is, I do not agree with how Black Friday has changed over the years. Recently, retail stores have started opening their doors to shoppers on Thanksgiving Day. Black Friday, a day for shopping, should not overshadow Thanksgiving, a day when people spend time with their friends and families and give thanks.

Having sales start on Thanksgiving means that employees of stores must leave their families and go to work. Why should those individuals be pulled away from precious family time to go to work just so people can shop? Thanksgiving is a holiday, and I understand that not everyone may view it that way, that thursday should be reserved for people spending time with their friends and family. And eating, of course, lots and lots of eating. The amount of “Now Hiring” signs I have seen is incredible. I’m sure there are some people who don’t mind working on Thanksgiving Thursday, but I know for a fact that I would not be okay with that. I would not want to leave spending time with my family to go to work and watch people go crazy and grabby over TVs, shoes or whatever it is. I don’t believe it’s fair that individuals aren’t truly able to enjoy the holiday because they are dreading going to work. People who are all for stores opening on Thursday, why should employee have to cut their Thanksgiving short, just so people can have a shopping galore. There is always Cyber Monday for people to buy what they couldn’t get in stores. It is wrong that workers have to sacrifice their Thanksgivings, just so people can be greedy and get what they want on Black Friday.

With the holiday sales beginning on Thanksgiving, the attention is taken away from giving thanks and being thankful for what we have in our lives. Instead, people are focused on buying this and that and making sure they get the best and cheapest price on an item. In the article, Working On Thanksgiving Day? by Kelsey Clark, found a survey where shoppers were asked whether they love or hate retail stores being open on Thanksgiving Day, and 62% didn’t like it. People are forgetting about the true meaning of Thanksgiving. I spend my Thanksgivings is with my family. We watch the Lions play, we all get along, and we eat. It’s always a good time. When I think of thanksgiving I think of those things and people, not about all the stuff I’m going to get good deals on. It is the day for being grateful and enjoying time with the special people in your life. I do believe that Thanksgiving is one of the more important holidays that a lot of people celebrate, which why I don’t believe it should be ruined by sales starting on Thursday.

Black Friday should not start on Thursday because it takes away from people giving thanks and spending time with their families on Thanksgiving. In the past, Black Friday has always been the Friday after Thanksgiving, hence the name. Now, some may argue that Black Friday is extremely important for retail stores, but Thanksgiving is equally important, as well as for their employees. Do you feel it is appropriate for stores to begin Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving day?

Clark, Kelsey. “Working on Thanksgiving Day? Here’s Why Most People Don’t Want You to.” N.p., 25 Nov. 2014. Web. 08 Nov. 2016.

  1. Imani 4 years ago

    I couldn’t agree more, I myself work at a retail store Jcpenneys and I work on thanksgiving 2:30-10:00 and I think that is outrageous due to me being only 16 and wanting to spend that time with my family. Like you said it is a time to give thanks and spend it with family and friends.

  2. Katie 4 years ago

    Hey Lilly
    I couldn’t agree anymore. Its unfair for retail store employees to be ripped away from spending precious time with their families, in order to work for greedy people. I say “greedy people” because instead of celebrating a holiday of Thanks, these people and companies are celebrating Black Friday and now Black Thursday, a day full of consuming, short tempers, and greed. Black Friday is everything Thanksgiving is not.

    I think more stores and companies should opt to be like REI. REI is closing its doors both on Thanksgiving and Black Friday they believe we need to “Opt Outside” with the people you love and give thanks, rather than spending your time in chaotic lines with the goal of getting the cheapest prices.

  3. Lena 4 years ago

    Hello Lilly,
    I agree with your opinion that Black Friday shopping should not start on the actual day of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a day for families to spend time together. Obviously, as you mentioned some people could care less if they work on Thanksgiving or not. However, I feel like a majority do. I am happy that this year some malls and stores and closed on Thanksgiving. I wish that all stores and malls would follow this mentality.

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