I have just finished Graceling by Kristin Cashore and it has blown my mind. Throughout the book, Katsa is trying to overcome the fear of herself. She is afraid of accidentally hurting someone without meaning to do it. She’s afraid of scaring off people when they know who she is and what she’s capable of.

In today’s world, people are in fear of themselves constantly, I think. Some people don’t want to talk about how they are feeling or what they are thinking because they aren’t able to trust many people for fear of getting hurt, just like Katsa. Katsa has trouble when it comes to trust she doesn’t want to tell people too much because she wants to act strong. People who suffer depression or bipolar won’t usually say they have anything wrong with them because they don’t want to scare people away.

People are always judging even if they say they don’t and everyone knows that, so I understand why someone wouldn’t want to tell people what they are going through. They won’t let themselves give in. Some people are so afraid of what they’ll do to someone that they don’t realize what they are doing to themselves. I wish people wouldn’t keep that stuff to themselves, I wish they would go to someone for help. However, I know that this won’t be easy to achieve. 


  1. Kaylon Langford 3 years ago

    The truth about me and fear is sometime when I’m around people I don’t talk. They think I’m scared because I don’t fight to protect myself. They got it bad saying I’m scared of them. Sometime I want to hop on to people for no reason at times, but I jest don’t do it. why, because over my life time I been picked on, beat on, talked on, and people did me in. I’m shy, I don’t come out into the real world with what I want to do. People say that I need help. I’m also fin to be and actor, I’m fin to came out in my own movies next year. Wright now I’m trying to relieve myself from the fear that is on the inside of me to be able to come out into the real world. ” They are not free” because of the fear on the inside of me that means that I’m scared of myself. I need someone to help me, i’m alone this the reason why.

  2. Mauresa 4 years ago

    I think that this is interesting because I don’t think that people should be afraid of themselves, and I agree that they should get help. But another factor to those people finding help is the people that they don’t want to scare away. Maybe we should teach people how to be more accepting and aid those with social anxiety and other things. That way those with anxiety or depression won’t be worried about losing the people that they care about and others will understand how people being afraid of themselves impacts their lives and how they interact with others. Maybe they could even read that book you read!

  3. Katie 4 years ago

    I love reading, and the fact that you liked this book so much it sparked your mind to write about it, means it is a good book. I also often write about books I have just read because they were great books. This sounds like a book I should read

  4. Clarissa 4 years ago

    Dear Monica,
    I am intrigued by your post because many people suffer from low self-esteem due to fear of doing more harm to others than to themselves. Another reason, is the being afraid of losing someone as like a friend by saying or doing the wrong thing. Some people can lash out of anger and try to block out everyone. One thing you said that stands out for me is “people who suffer depression and bipolar won’t usually say they have anything wrong with them because they don’t want to scare people away.” I think this is sad because many people can get really bad depression. I’ve heard about people that suffer from bipolar take medication to help with their emotions. Your post reminds me of something that happened that happened to me. I didn’t suffer from bipolar and didn’t have bad depression but, when my parents separated it was a little hard for me to concentrate on school and i didn’t really feel like sharing my emotions to anyone because like as you said your character “Katsa” didn’t trust very easily because she wanted to show everyone she was strong. Even though i didn’t want to talk to anyone about it, i ended telling my friend how i felt and after i was done it felt really good to get it off my chest. I don’t think people should judge others because they never know what could be going on at home or in or out of school. Thank you for your project. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because if feel you may have helped someone going through a really bad time with trust or suffering from depression or bipolar. Even if they don’t suffer from these things they might have got a different perspective of judging other people before getting to know them.


  5. Ethan 4 years ago

    I like what you put for your post it was very interesting and i like how you connected the real world in explaining your book.

  6. Ethan 4 years ago

    I find this interesting since this is a huge problem that is bigger than people think. In most cases, fear and depression is not a important issue until someone takes it into their own hands to end the pain permanently along with their life, and the news makes a story out of it. Then its back to normal like its not serious enough to invest time and money to help people. In my experience depression and fear of showing it almost always starts in the adolescent years of people and most the time never gets dealt with or resolved, which in fact is not the person with the problems fault since the problem is that they are afraid to deal with it. This is why people shouldn’t act like it’s not real because that’s exactly what causes the problem to get worse. No one wants to be in pain or invoke it to anyone else, but if we cold talk about it more maybe more people would understand that.

  7. Dylan 4 years ago

    This book sounds very good.The theme you are portraying in the book seems so relatable to me- because in my everyday life, you see people who bottle up their feelings, and not tell anyone how there feeling, as this leads to you maybe feeling depressed and yea… I think your opinion on how mental illness is handles in society is spot on- people treat you differently or become afraid of you when you tell them about your problems.

  8. Matthew 4 years ago

    i feel like people are afraid of an image. With holding that image in fear of non acceptance or being within the realm of comparison.

  9. Ben 4 years ago

    Everyone is afraid of something other then themselves, but I feel like at the same time everyone is afraid of themselves. This was really interesting to read and made me think a lot about what I am afraid of!

  10. Maria 4 years ago

    Dear Monica,

    I found your post quite interesting. I totally agree that this is an issue in today’s society. People tend to push others away because they feel like once people realize who they really are they go away. No one wants to be alone so they pretend to be someone they aren’t. People should be able to be themselves and be accepted. They need to know it’s okay to be different but others also need to understand that people will be different and that’s okay. I’m looking foward to see what you write about next Monica. Good job keep posting.

  11. Alea 4 years ago

    Hi Monica!
    This book sounds very interesting! The theme you are describing in the book seems so familiar to me- because it is unfortunately very common in media today. I think your opinion on how mental illness is handles in society is spot on- people treat you differently or become afraid of you when you tell them about your problems. This definitely leads to a fear of self- the question is, how can we overcome this? While i definitely do not have all the answers, my best bet is continuing to be open about your problems. For every couple people who turn away, there are many more who will offer you a hand and lift you up.

  12. Monica 4 years ago

    When I say that it’s a bit of both. One can be afraid of saying to much and another can be afraid of caving and I guess you could say getting stuck.

  13. Robin 4 years ago

    Hi Monica,
    I think you have addressed a lot of important issues in your questioning of how mental health is handled in society today. You are right–a lot of the time, people do not handle mental disorders very well, because they fear the unknown. You can look at a lot of different issues in America right now, along with other parts of the world, and see that in general, people fear what they don’t understand. However, we can end this misunderstanding with one person at a time. Be there for someone, and then they will have the ability to be more comfortable in their own skin. Depression, Bipolar Disorder and other mental issues are prominent in our society, and it is silly to ignore them. We need to use this to build a better national and global community. And this can start with you.

  14. Rylan 4 years ago

    Hello Monica,
    I think you have brought up some very important topics in the piece. I agree, I think that it would be very beneficial for people to be able to open up and share how they are feeling and/or what they are struggling with. I think that keeping everything bottled up inside can weigh on a person, so in my opinion admitting you need some help or someone to talk to should be looked at in a positive way, not in such a demeaning and judgmental way. That is just my opinion on the matter, take it for whatever you think it is worth.
    Rylan Rawson

  15. Blake 4 years ago

    I think that people are afraid of frailer. They see themselves as less than perfect and they are always trying to be perfect. When they see that they are not perfect, then they are afraid of themselves and they believe that they are the problem.

  16. Lena 4 years ago

    Hello Monica,
    I agree with your last statement that people shouldn’t keep it to themselves and that they should tell someone. They need to tell someone because if you don’t it could eat away at you. I also agree with you that in our world people are judgmental. I don’t think it is because we want to be judgmental the sad fact is that the human race is judgmental. We compare them to ourselves to see where we stack up and if they aren’t like us then we quickly start judging them. Some people out there judge just to judge and to hurt people, but the majority of people that judge subconsciously will put those aside and look at you for who you truly are. When you are talking about how people are scared of themselves do you mean that they are scared of giving in and telling someone? Or are you saying they are scared of trusting someone?

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