All of the major candidates are for the use of marijuana medicinally. 

Hillary Clinton has said that she supports the use, and thinks we need to devote more research to understand how medical marijuana can provide relief to certain people. 

Donald Trump has said that he supports it 100%. Lots of studies have been done that show how it can help. 

When surveying a group of doctors, they found that 67 percent said they believed medical marijuana should be a treatment option for patients. Support was highest among cancer doctors, who said that the use could provide real relief. They overall conclude that the benefits would far outweigh the risks associated. 

In patients with chronic pain, the option of medical marijuana is the best one. Pain pills can cause serious issues, and harm the brain, but medical marijuana can provide the same pain relief with much less harm done. 

This issue is important to me because my grandmother has cancer, and experiences extreme pain. She has been on many different pain pills, and they make her delusional. I believe medical marijuana would be a more effective treatment and could help many in her situation.

Currently, more than 10 states are considering bills to legalize medical marijuana, and it is likely that many more states will follow in their path.


  1. Heidi 4 years ago

    Thank you for sharing this. I related very much to having a sick grandparent who relies on pain pills, and I agree that medicinal marijuana could be extremely helpful to a wide variety of patients.

  2. Yuliana 4 years ago

    Dear Mae,
    I agree with you that medical marijuana should be legalized. Im totally in agreeance with you that it may be a better way than taking medications. Marijuana may be a better solution when it comes to medical issues. If marijuana is a better way to treat illnesses then it should become legalized to use for medicinal purposes. Something that really interests me is when you said, “Pain pills can cause serious issues, and harm the brain, but medical marijuana can provide the same pain relief with much less harm done.” Medical marijuana can be a more effective way to treat illnesses and is less harmful to the patients. Thank you for you project it was really interesting to read.

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