Dear Youth Voices Community,

My name is Jorge Padron and I am a senior at Fremont High School and I anticipate graduating this year.

The social inequity problem I am looking into is sexism in media. The demographic group I am most focused on for this inequity is women because women are overly sexualized by movies and T.V. and that there is a certain image that women “have” to be. The reason this is an inequity issue is because men are not as over sexualized in media like ads or movies.

Currently, I am still researching a solution but what I have in mind is that if media promotes women to be strong and be more proud of who they are and how they are, this would influence more women to be proud.

Some might argue that women might actually like dressing and acting provocatively. This makes my research focus debatable.

Fremont High School seniors are now curating sources to explain our inequity and its impact on society and to develop arguments for why and how this inequity needs to be addressed. If you have ideas for sources I should explore, please send me those ideas or links in the comment section. I would greatly appreciate your feedback and help.


Jorge Padron-Vargas
Fremont High School

Photo by sylvar

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  4. Mae 3 years ago

    Jorge, I found your post very intriguing to read! I like how you pointed out that “women tend to be more overtly sexualized in the media than men”, but my question for you is why? It may not have a specific answer from the start, and I think that’s because this topic sort of lands in the gray area- it’s not necessarily black or white. I personally believe women have the right to dress however they want, whether that being influenced by religion or status etc, but I want to know your take. Do you think women should dress in a more “modest fashion” or should we be able to flaunt what we’ve got? And what qualifies as sexualizing versus self-expression? If you go onto, you can find many articles that are sorting women into different boxes, but you can also find many articles about self-respect and owning your feminity. Do you think this affects more than just the niche market of young adult women? I think it does, but not directly. When I was in elementary school we had free dress days (I went to a private school) and in fourth grade, I received this cute green shirt from my grandmother. I decided to wear it on one of the days but it was a little big on me so it showed my shoulders. Next thing I knew my fourth-grade teacher pulled me aside and said that I was, “distracting the boys with my shoulders,”. Do you think this experience I had was an indirect effect of the sexualization of women throughout the media? I would love to hear back from you; I thought your blog post was great!

  5. Bella 3 years ago

    I think your topic is really important and it’s awesome that you’re researching this. Here is a link to an article that I think has lots of information about the topic and can help you with your research.
    Good luck!

  6. Fredrick 3 years ago

    Your topic is a very good and accurate topic. I like it because this problem has been going on for many year, centuries. I believe “that if woman are portrayed strong, and effective people” then I believe that this would change the way woman are displayed and looked at. This link will help you further reach the goals of your study and I hope its of much help. I look forward to seeing your results.

  7. Erica 3 years ago

    I find your social inequity problem very interesting. I found a source that you could check out, the (1)link is below. It talks about how women have been portrayed in media over time. I also think you could add another aspect to your research. Have you considered adding how actresses have spoken out against the media portraying them in demeaning ways?. A (2) link below describes what actresses are saying. I liked what you said about “if media promotes women to be strong and be more proud of who they are and how they are, this would influence more women to be proud.” I have noticed this inequality in the media and I think you bring up a good point. I look forward to reading your research paper because I think it will give some good insight into why social inequality occurs in the media.


  8. Mason 3 years ago

    Dear Jorge, I think this is a great subject to research, and this is definitely an issue that should be discussed more. I also like that you’re specifically addressing sexism in media because media in some way affects most of us I would argue. one thing you said that stood out to me was, “Some might argue that women might actually like dressing and acting provocatively. This makes my research focus debatable.” I like that you mentioned this because that point of view plays a huge role in the discussion about woman being overly sexualized, so I definitely think addressing this would be really interesting. One suggestion I would make, is that you could use this topic to address body image, I think body image plays a huge part in this discussion, so I would suggest looking at this article, it gives some examples of studies done about the correlation between media and body image, and may be useful to your research-

  9. Ingrid 4 years ago

    I found an article that i think would benefit your reasearch and hopefully it will be a start.

  10. Katie 4 years ago

    While researching I found an interesting article about sexism in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

    These Olympians are amazing, strong, women, yet the media still makes comments about the outfits they wear while competing instead of their outstanding achievements. They are labeled as so and so’s husband, instead of their own name, etc. Not to mention, the males in the Olympics in some ways overshadowed the women. The ways they were reported in magazines and newspapers made men Olympians out to be more important than women Olympians.

  11. Thyme 4 years ago

    I would suggest using examples for this research. If your looking for a way to prove that women are over sexualized on t.v and on media, then look up pictures. Or even look up debates on the subject. Use both sides of the story and find evidence to support both and see which on you agree with most.

  12. Mauresa 4 years ago

    I would suggest the article
    This article is useful because it goes over what credible sources have said about the rising sexualization of women throughout media, more specifically in magazines.

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