As for a Chinese exchange student, I should say something about the relationship between U.S. and China. But there is something more important for us, the people all over the world should to pay more attention about it–Cancer. Not only because one of four patient who stay in the hospital are because of cancer, but also one of four of them will die. Currently, 7.6 million people die from cancer worldwide every year, out of which, 4 million people die prematurely (aged 30 to 69 years).

There are many reason coursed cancer, like carcinogenic food, air pollution, water pollution, electromagnetic radiation etc. So we have two choose: find a solution to treatment for cancer, or improve our environment and safety our food and water.  

As for the first way, what I already known is many scientists are working on find the solution to treatment cancer or let them live more longer. Surgery is the most common way to treatment cancer, but as you know, it can just use for the initial state. And it’s not success every time. What we can do is to support them, those who are working on finding the solution and saving patient’s people. Support them on the both materially and mentally way. Let them have enough source to do the most valuable thing. And all over the world is except for the result.

As for the second way, I want say that what our created should deal with ourselves. People often say, we created our own demons, I totally agree with that. We created our own pollution we need spend our own time and money fix it, or one day when you suffered by your own demons you will know that how terrible it is.

So please do something for cancer, for ourselves.

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  1. Katie 4 years ago

    Cancer is a huge issue today, but there is a lot of research going into ways to treat cancer. I agree with Louis that Cancer is a complex problem that isn’t as easy to cure as this post suggests. I also agree with Louis that Chemo is decently affective. I have had a first hand experience seeing Chemo therapy work and not work. My Aunt Suzie passed away from Breast Cancer. She fought the cancer for 8 years, going through Chemo 2 times in those eight years, and going into remission once. The chemo treated the cancer for a short time as she did go into remission, but the cancer came back. On the other hand, my mom is a Cancer Survivor, she went through Chemo therapy for a year and has been in remission for almost 4 years.

  2. Anna 4 years ago

    I like this a lot. I think it is a very well written and focused pieced. I think that you did a lot of research and I can tell by all the evidence you brought up. Good job!

  3. Samantha 4 years ago

    This topic is a very big issue in our society today and I agree with you that something needs to be done about this disease. I disagree about the fact about reducing pollution and eating safer foods. These things will not lead to the curing of the disease because most cancer is genetic so the only way that genetic cancer can be cured is through science.

  4. Andrew Campbell 4 years ago

    Previous comments have emphasized the amount of research and the difficulty behind curing cancer, but you are very correct that there is not a large political discussion about how to regulate economies to help prevent the distribution of carcinogenic products or bi products.It is important to remember when you are voting that certain parties and candidates are against economic regulation which makes it difficult to open up the conversation.

  5. Suzanna 4 years ago

    I agree that cancer impacts many people, but there is a lot of money going into research already. I think we can support researchers, and hope for a cure in the future. I don’t think we necessarily created cancer for ourselves, because cancer is caused by many different things other than pollution.

  6. Ellisandra 4 years ago

    Wentao I think this is something that is very important and should be to everyone. Cancer affects so many people each day and I know I cared more about cancer when my grandmother was diagnosed and later passed from it. I think we can definitely work to make our surroundings better and cleaner however I don’t believe that will stop cancer. I do want a cure very badly and think it is within our reach and I hope we find a cure in my lifetime.

  7. Louis 4 years ago

    Yes Wentao, I think cancer is a huge issue in today’s society. Yet, I think your post is a little blind to what the world of science is actually discovering at this point. Gene mutations that give people predisposition to cancer have been discovered, and chemo is still decently affective at this point at treating cancer. The actual problem with cancer is unregulated growth of flawed cells in the body. This is fundamentally a pretty hard problem to fix, but you shouldn’t doubt that researchers work every single day at trying to figure out a fundamental “cure” for it.

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