It has become a common notion that traditional private schools have to wear uniforms. However, that custom is becoming more popular in not just private institutions, but is now spreading to public schools. During the 2013-2014 school year, one in five public schools required uniforms. That’s up from one in eight in 2004-2004.

The most common reason for uniforms is that it decreases the awareness of different economic statuses. If everyone looks the same, socioeconomic disparities are greatly reduced. Uniforms encourage students to focus on their school work rather than the latest fashion trends. It also reduces the time spent in the morning worrying about how an outfit looks.

While there are definite benefits, opponents to uniforms claim that uniforms impose of the students’ ability to express themselves. Making everyone look the same takes away their freedom of expression. It is also reported that uniforms have no effect on student behavior and study habits. They also believe that by having a uniform, schools are emphasizing the socioeconomic disparities they intended to hide. Which is better, though, is up for each individual family to decide. by infomatique


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  1. Grace 3 years ago

    I definitely agree with this! Uniforms make it much easier to get ready in the morning but they limit what you can wear and you aren’t able to express yourself as much if we all look the same.

  2. Nathan 3 years ago

    I don’t like uniforms but it helps not having to put thought into getting dressed in the morning.

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