Author: Emily


Dear Mr. President,
Poverty is an issue that is taking place all over our country. It is an extremely harmful issue in that it is effecting children, tennager, adults, and seniors. This should be a concern of your because the children now are going to be the future of our society and with them struggling through their whole lives with nothing, they are going to have kids with nothing and then we will never make it out of poverty as a whole.

Poverty is envisioned as homeless people on the streets and others that have no money. In our society today people think that the worst poverty is in the large cities like NYC, Detroit, and Chicago. Why yes it horrible there but there are cities that are at an extremely worse point. Some of these cities are Las Vegas, Phoenix, Las Angeles, and Buffalo.

So many factors are in play with poverty. But the most significant would be the cost of living. Our US government has been trying to raise the minimum wage so people struggling can start to stand back up on their feet and start living the life that they have always dreamed of living.

To get over the US facing poverty we are going to have to start creating more and more social programs and cut down the cost of living. As o f July 2016, the rate of unemployment is 4.9% . The obvious way to fix this problem would be for someone to create jobs.

With you being the next and upcoming president I believe that it is in your best interest to start to create jobs. There are plenty of things that could use more help. For an idea, you could create jobs that have to do with fixing/repairing roads, sidewalks, and bridges. In the city that I live in the roads could use some fixing!


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