I really struggled when I first received this assignment. I was over thinking it way too much and just didn’t understand how it was possible to write 250 words on my favorite word. I also don’t think about what word is my favorite, very often. However, after much thinking, typing, and back spacing, I came up with a word that has meaning to me and my life.

Friendship. My friends and friendships I have with them, are a big part of my life. Without those special bonds with my friends, I would be, without a doubt, a very lonely individual. I met my best friend in first grade. At the time, I had no idea that we would become the best of friends (we’re basically sisters. Over time our bond has only become stronger and as we have grown up, so has our friendship. That’s one of the reasons friendships are so special. You never know when you will meet someone and have a friendship with that person.

All my friendships are important. They are full of trust, no judgement, and tons of laughter. My friends will always have my back and vice versa.Another thing I’ve realized, is that sometimes friendships just aren’t meant to last. I actually know this from experience, and I will admit, it’s sad when to find out that a bond you once shared with someone, wasn’t as strong as you thought. I do know that friendships are not meant to be bad things or cause a negative impact on one’s life. And a friendship isn’t just a one way street, it’s a collaborative effort. I always make sure that I am just as good as friend as my friends are with me.

The word, friendship, is not my favorite because it sounds cool, or because it has a nice ring to it when it’s said, but rather, because it has significance. I believe that is important that I surround myself with people, who I trust and are genuinely my friends. This is something that never really occurred to me when I was younger, but now I know just how much of an impact my friendships have on me and my life. And just how special friendships truly are to me. 

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  1. Lauryn 4 years ago

    I think that friendship is a very important word in many peoples lives because friends are people who are there for you through everything. Having friends are extremely important to me but friends are not always forever. I think that you bring up a valid point that friendships are a special bond that can last forever or can end in an instant. Most people are caught up in just trying to expand their friend group and not evaluating what that person means to you. Not everyone is a good friend and people just need to accept that its the truth.

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