Dear President,


I believe that still to this day that our justice system is unfair to the people. There are many issue that go on with our justice system and i think they really need to be address. The justice system is supposed to put the criminals behind bars but yet they putting innocent people in prison. My uncle was one of the people who was wrongly accused and sentence to jail. Also they put children in adult prison for small crimes or they put ethnic people more in prison . I believe that this is a serious issue because they are separating families or loved ones.


About 1.4 times more likely to be detained which are young African-American and about half of them receive life in prison which is about 56.1%. According to CSN news about 2.2 million people are in prison and about 45% is innocent. This is a serious thing because of this families fall apart and sometimes get destroyed. I had an uncle who was arrested  for selling drugs when he really didn’t sell any. There was a witness they said that they saw him giving a person drugs right in front of his house. This was false but when they investigated his house they found some drugs but it was only because he had health problems. When this happen my family freaked and tried to convince the justice system that he was good man and that he has done nothing wrong. Once the trail came they convicted him as guilty even though he explain it was used for medical reasons. Once people in jail his family really struggle to the point where my aunt couldn’t take it anymore and she left him. This is why i think the justice system is wrong.


The justice system can be very cruel when it comes to race to. You don’t see much white people get long sentences or even get to go to jail. An example of this is a case that happen not to long ago called the Stanford case. It was about a 2 white males who was pretty wealthy and popular they raped a girl and only got a 1 month sentence. This is why the justice system is unfair because it favors the rich but not the poor or other races.  When a Mexican or black person get trailed then they are given a longer sentence than usual because of different skin colors. It’s a proven fact that jails are made up of more Mexicans and black which is not really fair. When you see other get trailed its like the justice system goes easy on them like if they were kids. When they trail us then we are suppose know it seems and get punish more hard than usual. I don’t really agree with the justice system like about 80% of the time. I believe that this should be address no matter how long it will take.




Jonathan Ruiz


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  1. Keyla 3 years ago

    Dear Jonathan::

    I am satisfied by your post, “Is the Justice System Fair?” because there are many people who are getting arrested without doing anything.

    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “the justice system is supposed to put the criminals behind bars but yet they putting innocent people in prison.” I think this is important because one of my family members got arrested for something they didn’t do.

    Another sentence that I had agree with was: “Who was arrested for selling drugs when he really didn’t sell any me because there should be any reason why is people going to jail without doing nothing.”

    I do agree with you that people should not be getting arrested if they don’t got evidence Another reason I agree with you because many people are getting a bad record because they are getting locked-up for something they did not do.

    Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because i had family members that had going to this type of things and it may be another story similar to my brother’s case again.

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